You're a Space Goat who crashes on the alien planet of Bah'nana IV.  Will you escape?

This game is a college project I based on Tim Ruswick's Space Goats 2. It's a text-adventure with a procedually generated world. English is not my first language so I'm sorry for any spelling/grammar errors. Didn't have too much time so the story was cut a bit short, but I'm proud of the atmosphere.

(This is the first Game I ever made a Web Build for, so if you're having trouble with it, try downlading the Windows Version)


  • Made by Nanda
  • Music by:
    • Gary M.
    • Brandon Morris (HaelDB)
    • Joth
  • Special Thanks to Tim Ruswick for letting me use his IP! Check out his new Game Philophobia!

Install instructions

Unzip the File and open it. Just click the .exe inside and have fun :)


SpaceGoats: Tales of Bah'nana IV. (Windows v.1.0) 35 MB

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